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Muscle Contracture
[OCOSH Code: D003286 55033002 M62.4 MD_CON]

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Spastic Contracture (19)
Spastic Contracture.Shortening of the muscle due to cerbral Palsy
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ICD-10 Code G80 Cerebral palsy
SNOMED-CT Term Muscle contracture (disorder) Concept ID: 55033002
OCOSH Code: D009128 55033002 G80 MD_CON_SC


1995 Preserving Plantar Flexion Strength After Surgical Treatment for Contracture of the Triceps Surae


Summary: Contractures of the triceps surae commonly are treated by surgical lengthening of the gastrocnemius aponeurosis or the Achilles tendon. Although these procedures generally relieve contractures, patients sometimes are left with dramatically decreased plantar flexion strength (i.e., decreased capacity to generate plantar flexion moment). The purpose of this study was to examine the trade-off...

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