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Neuropathic Foot.
[OCOSH Code: D001177 430428000 M14.6 DF_NF]

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Diabetic Foot (11)
Foot problems associated with diabetes.Common foot problems in persons with Diabetes Mellitus, caused by any combination of factors such as neuropathies; peripheral vascular disease; and infection. With the loss of sensation and poor circulation, injuries and infections often lead to severe foot ulceration, gangrene and amputation.
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ICD-10 Code M14.6 Neuropathic arthropathy
SNOMED-CT Term Diabetic neuropathic arthropathy (disorder) Concept ID: 201724008
Synonyms - Diabetic Charcot's arthropathy
Diabetic neuropathic arthropathy
Diabetic neuropathic arthropathy (disorder)
OCOSH Code: D017719 201724008 M14.6 DF_NF_DF


2007 Charcot Arthropathy eMedicine Orthopedics


Also called Charcot joint or neuropathic joint, Charcot arthropathy is a progressive condition of the musculoskeletal system that is characterized by joint dislocations, pathologic fractures, and debilitating deformities. This disorder results in progressive destruction of bone and soft tissues at weight-bearing joints; in its most severe form, it may cause...

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