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Dr Ashutosh Pradhan MD Neurosurgeon Jacksonville FL

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Dr. Ashutosh Pradhan is a Board Eligible Neurological Surgeon in Jacksonville, FL who treats brain tumors, back pain, degenerative disc disease, spinal pain, stroke and epilepsy. Dr. Pradhan has worked with St. Vincent's Spine & Brain Institute to establish a reputation for providing the highest quality care to patients with neurological disorders all over Northeast Florida.

St. Vincent’s neurosurgery division is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the most talented group of physicians and staff. The physicians take a comprehensive approach to care and specialize in diagnosing, treating and researching the hundreds of conditions and diseases that can affect the brain and nervous system.

Dr. Ashutosh Pradhan is a Neurosurgeon with St. Vincent's Spine and Brain Institute FL 32204.

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