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Defining Orthopaedic Subject Matter

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Location: http://www.coa-aco.org/library/orthopaedic-informatics/issues-in-orthopaedic-informatics-defining-or ...

Description: Deciding what to call an orthopaedic subject is a "housekeeping" issue but none the less vital. Orthopaedics is full of synonyms and acronyms. But to search electronically, one needs a unique name or code that can be added to every piece of information that relates to that subject. Only then can one rely on searches to turn up all the information one is looking for.
Issues in Orthopaedic Informatics - Defining Orthopaedic Subject Matter J.F. Myles Clough, M.D., FRCSC COA Bulletin

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Author/Contact: Myles Clough
Institution: COA Bulletin
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