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Orthopaedics Networks and Computers

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Location: http://www.jbjs.org.uk/cgi/reprint/84-B/4/481.pdf?ck=nck

Description: Orthopaedic surgery has not yet fully grasped the remarkable potential of information technology. Instinctive opposition to ‘computer medicine’ is inherent. Human pattern recognition and memory, if properly trained, are faster and more accurate than any computer system. The problem is that absorbing and retaining the necessary knowledge have become impossible in the wide field of surgery.
The potential of computers to support information management, administration, research and clinical practice in surgery has hardly been touched. Only simple clinical and administrative information is currently being managed by most hospital information systems. The progress made in surgical information technology is a complicated mix of abysmal failures, near successes and unconditional triumphs.
Annotation: Orthopaedics, Networks and Computers Clough J.F.M. & Oliver C.W. JBJS B 2002;84-B:481-5.

Type: Reference Material
Author/Contact: Clough & Oliver
Institution: JBJS B
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Language: English

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