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2003 Osteoarthritis Pain and Weather

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Location: http://rheumatology.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/full/42/8/955

Description: OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the association between weather (barometric pressure, precipitation and temperature) and pain among individuals with osteoarthritis (OA) (n=154) at the following sites: neck, hand, shoulder, knee and foot. METHODS: This prospective study evaluated men and women, aged 49-90 yr, participating in a community-based, osteoarthritis exercise study (June 1998-January 2002). Weekly self-reported pain scores were collected using a visual analogue scale. Statistical tests, including regression and correlation analyses, were conducted. P values <0.001 were considered significant. RESULTS: The total number of pain recordings varied by site, ranging from 2269 (feet) to 6061 (hands). The mean temperature was 23 degrees C with a low of 0 degrees C and a high of 36 degrees C. Precipitation levels ranged from 0.00-21.08 cm, with a mean of 0.36 cm. Most associations explored produced non-significant findings. However, among women with hand OA, higher pain was significantly associated with days of rising barometric pressure (P <0.001). CONCLUSION: Among a population of exercisers aged 49 yr and older, overall these findings did not support the hypothesis that weather is associated with pain. While some associations were suggestive of a relationship, largely these findings indicate that weather is quite modestly, if at all, associated with pain from OA.
Rheumatology (Oxford). 2003 Aug;42(8):955-8. Full text Osteoarthritis pain and weather. Wilder FV, Hall BJ, Barrett JP.

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