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Arthroscopically Assisted Removal of Retrograde Femoral Nails

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Description: OTA abstract 2002
This technique allows for the evaluation and treatment of potentially painful intraarticular pathologic conditions after femur fracture and subsequent retrograde nailing. In our series, 88% of patients were found to have some identifiable pathologic condition most likely related to the index injury and not to the nail or its insertion. Despite early concerns to the contrary, the clinical impression of most orthopaedic traumatologists that the patellofemoral joint is spared after proper recessing of the nail appears to be borne out by this study. The presence of intraarticular metallosis has not been substantiated. This technique is safe, avoids the morbidity associated with open arthrotomy, allows for nail removal on an outpatient basis, and promotes accelerated rehabilitation.
Born et al

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Author/Contact: Born et al
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