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McMinn Centre

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Location: http://www.mcminncentre.co.uk/

Description: The McMinn Centre is the first point of contact for patients requiring hip and knee surgery under the care of Mr Derek McMinn.
The McMinn Centre was established in June 2003 to accommodate Mr McMinn, his two Staff Surgeons and expanding team of administrative staff. It also allowed space to set up a Media Department and a Research Department - the Media Department to assist with Mr McMinn’s presentations and audiovisual needs, and the Research Department to collect and collate valuable information to be presented at orthopaedic meetings all over the world.
Birmingham Hip Resurfacing [BHR] Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) is a comprehensive system to address the needs of almost all sizes of patient and those with acetabular deficiency. Bimingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) is truly bone conserving. In the event that a revision should become necessary there is still a virtually intact healthy femur allowing for a 'primary' hip without the normal complications associated with revision.

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