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Disorders of the Lower Extremity

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Location: http://faculty.washington.edu/alexbert/MEDEX/Winter/EM1DisordersLowerExtremities.htm

Description: Physician's Assistants' Course notes on anatomy of the pelvis, coccyx fractures; the most serious complication of pelvic fractures; femoral neck fractures; femoral shaft fracture; patella (kneecap) fractures; ligamentous knee injuries; meniscal injuries; dislocated patella; quadriceps or patella tendon rupture; chondromalacia patellae; fibula and tibia fractures; Achilles tendon rupture; gastrocnemius rupture; shin splints; Osgood-Schlatter disease; Ottawa Ankle Rules for ankle injuries; lateral ankle ligament injuries; ankle fractures; indications for orthopedic consultation following ankle injuries; foot anatomy & function; avascular necrosis in the foot; turf toe; Plantar fasciitis; Morton neuroma; Metatarsal stress fractures; calcaneal fractures; injures to the Lisfranc joint; forefoot fractures; nondisplaced metatarsal shaft fractures; Jones fractures; nondisplaced phalangeal fractures; compartment syndrome; compartment of the leg most at risk for compartment syndrome; presentation of compartment syndrome; signs of anterior compartment syndrome; treatment of compartment syndrome; CT vs MRI for pelvic trauma; imaging technique for the “occult” hip fracture; imaging technique of choice for soft tissue injuries

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