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Nursing Filter for PubMed

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Location: http://pubmed.gov

Description: This filter ensures that the search is confined to nursing journals. The topic can be put first or last. The brackets round the long string of journal IDs is mandatory. The following string is for fat embolism in nursing journals "fat embolism" (jrid6366 OR jrid6164 OR jrid6162 OR jrid6161 OR jrid2 OR jrid1802 OR jrid20173 OR jrid20824 OR jrid20795 OR jrid21892 OR jrid20152 OR jrid21603 OR jrid438 OR jrid454 OR jrid475 OR jrid511 OR jrid512 OR jrid510 OR jrid691 OR jrid706 OR jrid1049 OR jrid1602 OR jrid942 OR jrid929 OR jrid2586 OR jrid1368 OR jrid960 OR jrid20629 OR jrid2177 OR jrid1232 OR jrid2757 OR jrid2315 OR jrid20136 OR jrid1430 OR jrid26776 OR jrid4791 OR jrid4790 OR jrid20678 OR jrid4316 OR jrid20537 OR jrid4345 OR jrid4991 OR jrid4420 OR jrid21464 OR jrid8600 OR jrid4679 OR jrid4983 OR jrid1231 OR jrid5052 OR jrid26840 OR jrid5154 OR jrid5199 OR jrid4422 OR jrid1703 OR jrid5060 OR jrid20433 OR jrid20155 OR jrid2516 OR jrid20146 OR jrid5423 OR jrid4247 OR jrid4254 OR jrid2520 OR jrid7136 OR jrid2476 OR jrid2479 OR jrid6160 OR jrid2269 OR jrid5838 OR jrid21775 OR jrid20715 OR jrid1070 OR jrid6139 OR jrid6140 OR jrid1700 OR jrid27840 OR jrid2525 OR jrid6141 OR jrid30061 OR jrid6194 OR jrid6147 OR jrid6143 OR jrid6146 OR jrid6149 OR jrid6151 OR jrid6150 OR jrid6152 OR jrid6153 OR jrid6029 OR jrid2314 OR jrid6188 OR jrid6154 OR jrid6155 OR jrid6156 OR :__jrid6157 OR jrid6191 OR jrid6031 OR jrid6030 OR jrid6158 OR jrid31790 OR jrid6025 OR jrid6165 OR jrid6262 OR jrid21910 OR jrid26995 OR jrid6366 OR jrid6508 OR jrid20142 OR jrid26772 OR jrid22299 OR jrid6551 OR jrid6393 OR jrid6685 OR jrid7077 OR jrid6949 OR jrid6955 OR jrid30033 OR jrid6951 OR jrid7345 OR jrid7346 OR jrid7189 OR jrid7457 OR jrid7208 OR jrid20177 OR jrid20347 OR jrid7826 OR jrid8072)

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