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Australian Orthopaedic Nurses Association

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Location: http://www.aona.com.au/

Description: AONA Objectives Promoting the recognition of Orthopaedic Nursing as a professional specialty. Encouraging the exchange and dissemination of knowledge, skills and issues in the field of Orthopaedic Nursing. Providing a forum of continuing education by means of written data, lectures and seminars. Encouraging the highest standards of patient care in the realm of Orthopaedic care. Encouraging and providing an avenue for personal and professional communication between Orthopaedic nurses throughout Australia. Encouraging clinical nursing research in the realm of Orthopaedic care. Promoting inter-relationships between other branches of the profession on all matters pertaining to the clinical specialty of Orthopaedic Nursing. Working towards collaborative practise with medical paramedical groups of the orthopaedic health care team. Maintenance of a high profile for the specialty of Orthopaedic Nursing. AONA is a non-business organisation that benefits every member.

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