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Diagnosis in Dysmorphology Clues From the Skin

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Description: From British Journal of Dermatology Diagnosis in Dysmorphology: Clues From the Skin Posted 11/18/2004 S.F. Smithson; R.M. Winter Summary Dysmorphology is the study of abnormal patterns of human development. A recurrent and recognizable combination of physical and behavioural abnormalities makes up a syndrome. Accurate recognition and diagnosis of syndromes is important because it influences medical management of patients, provides information about prognosis, and allows for genetic counselling including accurate estimation of genetic risk within families and, where possible, prenatal diagnosis. This review examines the diagnostic process in dysmorphology and indicates how skin signs may provide important clues to the clinician.

Type: Reference Material
Author/Contact: S.F. Smithson; R.M. Winter
Institution: Department of Clinical Genetics, St Michael's Hospital, Bristol, U.K.
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