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Vince Baugher DC

Location: http://www.spinaldecompression.net/

Dr. Baugher was the first doctor to bring non-surgical spinal decompression to Denton County (2003), and has treated over 1000 disc patients, with a very high success rate. Denton, Texas, USA

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Great for Athletes 5 out of 5 stars

I finally have lasting relief for my back pain!

Reviewed by: shirleyjsdc, May 13 2008 12:56PM

As a horse trainer and athlete for many years I suffered various accidents that created significant neck and back pain. I believe chiropractic medicine is very helpful in maintaining a healthy spine and used the services of doctors of chiropractic medicine for years. My frustration was that it seemed I had to go every week and sometimes multiple times a week . I would feel better after the adjustments but they didn't seem to hold for more than a couple of days. After going through the initial start up process of spinal decompression I found I was able to go with only monthly maintenance to keep my neck and back from hurting. For me, the decompression process actually feels like a stretching massage.
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