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MeSH Term "Orthopedics"[mesh]
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Trauma & orthopaedics
Trauma & orthopedics
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Trauma and orthopaedics
Trauma and orthopedics
OCOSH Code: D009985 394801008 OCOSH

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Nurse Practitioners and the Primary Care Shortage Added: 2017-08-27

Recent studies have indicated that there has been a steady decrease of primary care physicians across the United States. In fact, many primary care physicians have ceased operations or retired due to the aging population. Similarly, many doctors have stopped practicing due to higher numbers of uninsured Americans across the country. With fewer medical school graduates than ever before, the only professionals that can fill these voids are nurse practitioners. These professionals have the ...
Category: Orthopaedic Nursing/Orthopaedic Nursing Topics

How Nurses Can Survive Long Hours and the Night Shift Added: 2017-08-27

Many health problems can be directly attributed to lack of rest and sleep. Not getting enough rest could lead to symptoms such as slower reaction time, impaired learning ability, slower cognitive ability, moodiness and sudden drowsiness. People also may suffer from impaired cognitive flexibility and communication skills.

These symptoms can pose some serious threats to nurses and their ability to perform their job accurately and correctly.

Category: Orthopaedic Nursing/Orthopaedic Nursing Topics/Nursing Procedures

Potts Law Firm Added: 2017-08-27

The Potts Law Firm diligently pursues a variety of personal injury claims and mass tort matters, from complex pharmaceutical cases to challenging product liability claims. Our team of highly competent attorneys have experience in many different areas of personal injury law. We believe the details of every case matter, and we work tirelessly to pursue just compensation, regardless of the obstacles.

Practice Areas:

  • Personal Injury
  • Eminent ...
    Category: Legal

New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Clinic Added: 2017-08-27

New York DNS & Physical Therapy center is the first one in the niche to practise Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization therapy method in New York. Its professional medicine employees have more than 18 years of experience. They have developed and brought to life Manual Medicine, Physical Therapy, Osteopathic approaches, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and much more.
All services displayed on the official website are for everyone. No ...
Category: Physiotherapy/USA/New York

OrthoTape Fiberglass Casting Tape Added: 2017-06-11

OrthoTape Fiberglass casting tape is the best casting tape for mending a broken limb.  Orthotape uses the finest quality fiberglass cloth and impregnates it with quality poly urethane to produce and easy to use fiberglass casting tape.
Category: Orthopedic Industry/Products

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - Integrative Health Care Degree Programs Added: 2017-06-11

Your interest in the field of holistic healthcare comes at an exciting time. As the field of Oriental medicine continues to grow, so does the need for qualified practitioners from?acupuncture and Oriental medicine schools as well as from holistic massage schools. We invite you to learn more about Pacific College and the programs we offer for acupuncture and massage at our school.
Category: Continuing Medical Education

Should Nurse Practitioners Have Full Practice Authority Added: 2017-06-11

This academic resource from Regis University examines the growing need for nurse practitioners, the pros and cons of regulatory models of practice and how U.S. healthcare will benefit from more Nurse Practitioners being given full practice authority.?
You can access the full guide here: http://onlinenursing.regiscollege.edu/resources/msn/infographics/should-nurse-practitioners-have-full-practice-authority/
My goal is to get this information in front of as many educational eyes as possible ...
Category: Orthopaedic Nursing/Orthopaedic Nursing Topics/Nursing Procedures

Modern Nursing Essentials Added: 2017-06-11

This resource examines new supplies and smart devices that make nursing roles more effective and easier, trend in new technology being used by nurses and health care professionals, and top essentials that every nurse should carry in their medical bag. 
Category: Orthopaedic Nursing/Orthopaedic Nursing Topics/Nursing Procedures

Nursing Education is Critical Added: 2017-06-11

The U.S. is currently experiencing a shortage of nurses. It is estimated that half a million more nurses will be required by the year 2022. That is why more hospitals in the United States are searching for trained nurses, but have enacted a stopgap measure and have started hiring more unlicensed assistive personnel commonly referred to as UAPs. While UAPs have been incredibly helpful, they simply do not offer the same level of care as trained nurses. They can make mistakes and increase the ...
Category: Orthopaedic Nursing/Orthopaedic Nursing Topics

Gotham City Orthopedics Added: 2017-06-11

Gotham City Orthopedics is home to the best orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine doctors in New Jersey and New York. We have 5 convenient locations in Manhattan, Jersey City, Livingston, Clifton, and Englewood. We provide same day total hip replacement, general orthopedics, sports medicine, hand and elbow surgery, worker's comp, concussion management, orthopedic trauma, physical therapy, and more. Visit us for all your orthopedic needs. 
Category: Surgeons and Clinics/USA/New Jersey