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Posterior Shoulder Dislocations
[OCOSH Code: D012783 263022003 S43.0 WI_D_SD_P]

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Locked Posterior Dislocation Of The Shoulder


Locked Posterior Dislocation of the Shoulder. Not a comprehensive search but yields 25 papers in 2006 Search string - ((locked[All Fields] AND posterior[All Fields]) AND ("shoulder dislocation"[MeSH Terms] OR shoulder dislocation[Text Word])) URL -

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Posterior Glenohumeral Instability eMedicine Orthopedics


Posterior glenohumeral instability is much less common than anterior instability. However, the condition has been recognized with increased frequency; this may be due to improved awareness of the entity, an increasingly athletic population, or both. In early reports of posterior instability, the terminology of instability was confusing and chronic locked...

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Posterior Shoulder Dislocation Wheeless


posterior dislocation is rare & should raise possibility of seizure as cause;
- other causes include an electric shock or ECT without muscle relaxants;
- mechanism:
- axial loading...

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