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Cardiopulmonary Function in Scoliosis Wheeless

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Location: http://www.wheelessonline.com/ortho/cardiopulmonary_function_in_scoliosis

Description: Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics
- vital capacity <75% (of predicted values) is seen in thoracic curves> 75 deg; - significant reductions in pulmonary function are seen in curves> 80 deg; - although some effect on pulmonary function can be seen at 60 deg, significant compromise is not seen until the curve is> 90 deg; - curves greater than 100 deg have total lung capacity of about 50% of normal; - w/ curves between 100 - 140 deg, average vital capacity is 60%; - restrictive lung disease and right sided heart failure become manifest at curves about 120 deg; - Effect of Bracing: (see bracing in scoliosis) - application of brace results in sig reduction in vital capacity (14%), f(x) residual capacity (22%), & total lung capacity (12%); - bracing will reduce lung function by 10 to 15%

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