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Abnormalities associated with Vitamin D

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Description: Discussion: - primary function of 1,25 OH2D3) is to maintain skeletal homeostasis as well as for maintenance of plasma Ca homeostasis; - primary effect of lack of Vit D is decrease in miceralization of newly formed bone matrix (osteoid); - rate of bone formation is decreased; - net result is less total bone & marked change in quality of bone; - only minute amounts of vitamin D are necessary for parathyroid hormone to carry out its actions on bone and kidney; - osteomalacia, group of dz processes characterized by defective mineralizaiton can be caused by any problem resulting in inadequate amounts of Vit D or low plasma PO4; - in osteomalacia defective mineralizaiton results in relative increase in amount of osteoid (unmineralized bone matrix) in bone;

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