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1998 The Ilioinguinal Approach in the Management of Acetabular Fractures

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Description: The subject of acetabular fracture surgery has been dealt with at length in the literature. Almost forty years after the first publications by Robert Judet and Emile Letournel, much has been written on either side of the Atlantic; however, there is nothing new in the New World or the Old. Large studies have confirmed or refined the basic tenets and the detailed points established by the two pioneers of acetabular fracture surgery. This surgery is still difficult, demanding, and to be used in stringently selected cases only. The second generation of surgeons with an interest in the surgical management of acetabular fractures will find that all the groundwork has been done. However, newcomers will still need to learn the techniques involved. They will have to be taught, not only the necessary and, indeed, indispensable theory, but the practical, day-to-day aspects of this surgery. Through practical experience, they will need to familiarize themselves with the pitfalls as well as with the tips and tricks that can help them in their craft. The knowledge of the past may be transmitted through hands-on training and through the written medium. This article is intended as a source of information, to give food for thought and practical guidance to those among our colleagues who are interested in acetabular fracture surgery.
MaĆ®trise OrthopĆ©dique nĀ° 74 - May 1998

Type: Reference Material
Author/Contact: T. Judet, P. Piriou, W. Graff
Institution: MaƮtrise OrthopƩdique
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