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Dr John Buday MD Bay City MI

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John Buday, MD is a neurologist in Bay City with special expertise in sleep disorders. Dr. Buday also treats other neurological disorders, such as dementia, epilepsy, migraine headaches, movement disorders, brain tumors, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, peripheral nerve disorders, stroke, and pediatric neurological problems. As a member of the Bay Regional Medical Center Neuroscience Center of Excellence, Dr. Buday is an important part of a team of specialists focused on the latest diagnostic and treatment methods to care for patients with a wide variety of spinal injuries and conditions. Treatments can range from physical therapy to medications or surgery, and are tailored specifically for each patient.

Bay Regional’s Neuroscience Center of Excellence is considered one of the leading, innovative programs in the country, proud to be recognized for their multidisciplinary approach and commitment to the highest standards of neurological and neurosurgical care. Dr. Buday is the Medical Director of Bay Regional’s Accredited Sleep Center, and a member of the Michigan Parkinson’s Advisory Board.

Dr. John Buday is a Neurologist with Bay Regional Medical Center Bay City MI 48708.

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