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Bone grafting the scaphoid nonunion

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Description: In order to elucidate the history of scaphoid nonunion and to evaluate whether or not the problem has been solved, we have reviewed the literature from 1928 to 2003 for union rates, postoperative immobilization periods and complications of the different scaphoid bone grafting procedures. The outcomes of 5 246 scaphoid nonunions were evaluated in three treatment groups. In the first group involving nonvascularized bone grafting without internal fixation, we found a union rate of 80% (95% CI: 78-82) after an average immobilization period of 15 weeks. In the second group involving nonvascularized bone grafting with internal fixation, the figures were 84% (CI: 82-85) and 7 weeks, respectively. In the last group involving vascularized bone grafting with or without internal fixation, the figures were 91% (CI: 87-94) and 10 weeks, respectively. We found no prospective randomized studies comparing different operative treatments of scaphoid nonunion. We conclude that there still is a need for improvement in the treatment of scaphoid nonunion.
Bone grafting the scaphoid nonunion: a systematic review of 147 publications including 5,246 cases of scaphoid nonunion. Munk B, Larsen CF. Acta Orthop Scand. 2004 Oct;75(5):618-29. Full text available

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Author/Contact: Munk B, Larsen CF.
Institution: Acta Orthop
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