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Comparison of Function After Ankle Fusion and Ankle Replacement

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Description: Ankle arthritis differs from that of the hip and knee in that it is most commonly caused by traumatic injury (rather than degeneration or inflammation) and predominantly affects younger males.
• Ankle fusion is a well-established treatment that can improve pain but does so at a loss of motion of the ankle. It doesn’t work well when there is also arthritis in the nearby joints, because it puts extra load on these joints.
• Altered gait after ankle fusion can lead to arthritis in the surrounding small joints over time.
• The role of ankle replacement, while common in Europe, is limited in the US because of uncertainty of its effectiveness relative to ankle fusion.
• UW Medicine faculty surgeons have been treating patients with ankle replacement surgery since 1995. Initially, total ankle joint replacement was used primarily in patients who were not good candidates for fusion.
• To enable a comparison of outcomes from ankle replacement and ankle fusion we initiated a study in 2006 that compares activity and patient satisfaction after these two procedures. BRUCE J. SANGEORZAN, M.D. et al 2009 ORTHOPAEDIC RESEARCH REPORT p66

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