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Radiology Cases Stress Fracture Bone Reaction LSBU

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Description: Bone self-repair and self strengthening involves first osteoclastic activity to take down the inappropriate microstructure and followed by osteoblastic activity to lay down the matrix, which will ossify to become the new, mechanically appropriate bone architecture. During this process, the bone is temporarily vulnerable to the mechanical stress, if it continues. The Looser zone is a special case, where lack of vitamin "D" delays ossification of the matrix, which then accumulates, widening the microfracture untilit becomes visible. Continued stress in normal bone can also lead to widening or extension of microfractures that then cause pain and local irritation, which can stimulate a periosteal reaction. The stimulation follow the expected lines of force, as predicted by the vectors of forces within the structure. The individual bone may develop lines of increased density that follow the sites of this stimulation.

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