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Dr Keith Currie DC Arkansas Spinal Care

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Location: http://www.spine-health.com/doctor/chiropractor/keith-currie-conway-ar


A state of the art facility with extremely unique methods of treatment. Dr. Keith Currie and Dr. Natalie Currie specialize in the treatment of severe and chronic pain conditions. Treatment programs involve the DRX 9000 Cervical and Lumbar Spinal Decompression Units and Brain Based Rehabilitation. In combination, they not only help relieve the patient’s reason for experiencing chronic and severe pain but also alter the brain’s ability to perceive pain. The end result is that patient’s are given the opportunity to experience truly life changing results after going through one of our programs. Quite often, these are patients who have been told by other healthcare providers that they cannot be helped. In addition, many of these patients have already had failed neck or back surgeries, or have lived with their pain for 20-30 years.

Not every person is a good candidate for care in one of our programs. Patient candidates are required to go to our website at www.arkansasdecompression.com to request a free report about their condition rather than calling our clinic directly for an appointment. This enables them to learn more about our treatment methods and become more educated about what we do before they come in to meet with one of our Drs. in person. We usually have a 3 month wait for an appointment with one of our doctors. Therefore, it is recommended that patients who are serious about getting help call our clinic coordinator to see if they qualify for a consultation with one of our doctors as soon as possible

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