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Lower Limb Prosthetics eMedicine PMR

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Description: A prosthesis is a device designed to replace, as much as possible, the function or appearance of a missing limb or body part. An orthosis, in contrast, is a device designed to support, supplement, or augment the function of an existing limb or body part.
Synonyms and related keywords: lower limb prosthetics, lower extremity amputation, lower limb prosthesis, orthosis, prosthetic device, orthotic device, transphalangeal, toe disarticulation, partial foot/ray, transmetatarsal, Lisfranc, Chopart, Syme, transtibial, knee disarticulation, transfemoral, hip disarticulation, myodesis, myoplasty, prosthetic restoration, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, thromboembolism, vasculitis, socket, standard suction, silicon suspension suction, choke syndrome, verrucous hyperplasia, verrucose hyperplasia
Kelly et al 2007

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