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Prepatellar Bursitis eMedicine PMR

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Location: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/309014-overview

Description: The prepatellar bursa is a superficial bursa with a thin synovial lining located between the skin and the patella. Normally, it does not communicate with the joint space and contains a minimal amount of fluid; however, inflammation of the prepatellar bursa results in marked increase of fluid within its space.
Pathophysiology: The prepatellar bursa is a flat round synovial-lined structure; its main function is to separate the patella from the patellar tendon and skin. This bursa is superficial, suggesting that it is undeveloped at birth. Within the first few months to years of life, the bursa arises from direct pressure and friction. The function of the bursa is to reduce friction and allow maximal range of motion (ROM).
Synonyms and related keywords: prepatellar bursitis, housemaid's knee, carpet layer's knee, beat knee
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