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Malignant Lymphoma eMedicine Orthopedics

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Description: Primary lymphoma of bone is an uncommon disease and must be separated from skeletal involvement in systemic lymphoma. The former is stage IE (extranodal, see Staging) disease and may present to the orthopedic surgeon prior to biopsy as a solitary bone lesion simulating a bone sarcoma. The latter, by definition, is stage IV disease and is usually not initially seen by the orthopedic surgeon except when a patient is being treated for complications of systemic lymphoma, such as pathologic fracture. See also the following related articles in eMedicine: Hodgkin Disease [in the Hematology section] Hodgkin Disease [in the Pediatrics: General Medicine section] Lymphoma, B-Cell Lymphoma, Diffuse Large Cell Lymphoma, Malignant Anaplastic (Ki 1+) Lymphoma, Mantle Cell Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Bone
Synonyms and related keywords: osteolymphoma, reticulum cell sarcoma, primary lymphoma of bone, bone cancer, Paget disease, bone lymphoma, bone pain
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