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Juxtacortical Tumors eMedicine Orthopedics

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Description: Juxtacortical or surface tumors are broadly defined as those arising adjacent to the outer surface of cortical bone. These surface lesions may arise from any of the mesenchymal elements present along the bone surface or from the pluripotent cells found within the periosteum. However, in most cases, it is impossible to determine whether the sarcoma arose from within the periosteum or from other juxtacortical connective tissues, with secondary involvement of the periosteum. These tumors are composed of a variety of histologic tissue types. The most common types are those producing cartilage or bone.
Synonyms and related keywords: periosteal chondroma, periosteal chondrosarcoma, surface osteosarcoma, surface tumor, parosteal osteosarcoma, periosteal osteosarcoma, high-grade surface osteosarcoma
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