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Hand Fractures and Dislocations of the Wrist eMedicine Plastics

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Description: This review covers primary fractures and dislocations involving the wrist region. The wrist is composed of the region between the forearm and the hand. Its complex movements are essential to human functioning. A dissemination of knowledge with regard to wrist and carpal injuries has occurred since the 1960s. Significant improvements in imaging, treatment, and physician training have been achieved in the last 2 decades, yet injuries remain frustrating to treat for doctors and patients.
Synonyms and related keywords: fractured wrist, broken wrist, dislocated wrist, scaphoid fracture, dorsal intercalated segment instability, DISI, scaphoid waist fractures, avascular necrosis, AVN, lunate fracture, scaphoid dislocation, lunate dislocation, Kienbock disease, Kienbock's disease, transcarpal injury, perilunate dislocation, fracture dislocation, perilunate fracture dislocation, carpal fracture, transscaphoid disruption, trans-scaphoid disruption, transcapitate disruption, trans-capitate disruption, transtriquetral disruption, trans-triquetral disruption, axial dislocation, axial fracture dislocation, axial-radial-ulnar dislocation, axial-radial dislocation, triquetral fractures, pisiform fractures, hamate fractures, scaphocapitate syndrome
Jarman, Ghahary & Tredget 2006

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