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Elbow and Above Elbow Amputations eMedicine Orthopedics

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Description: Upper extremity amputations largely follow the same basic principles as those of any amputation. This article highlights the special considerations involved in acquired amputations at or above the elbow. Below-elbow amputations are discussed in separate articles. Although acquired amputations in children are discussed (because pediatric patients deserve special consideration), patients with congenital limb amputations and deficiencies are beyond the scope of this article.
Synonyms and related keywords: elbow disarticulation, dismemberment, prosthetics, prosthesis, transcondylar amputations, supracondylar amputations, transhumeral amputations, shoulder disarticulation, forequarter amputation, radical forequarter amputation, Tikhoff-Linberg procedure, shoulder girdle amputation, interscapulothoracic amputation
Edwards & Osterman 2007

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