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Osteosarcoma Variants eMedicine Radiology

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Description: Osteosarcoma is the most common primary malignant tumor of bone, excluding plasma cell myeloma. Approximately 75% of all osteosarcomas are of the classic or conventional type, and the remaining 25% comprise the osteosarcoma variants, which are the subject of this article. The variants are a heterogeneous group of osteosarcomas with a range of different imaging and behavioral features.
Frequency of osteosarcoma variants in the United States

Tumor, Frequency(%)
Telangiectatic 3.5-11
Parosteal 3-4
Periosteal 1-2
Gnathic 6-9
Small cell 1
Intraosseous, low grade <1
Surface, high grade <1
Secondary 5-7
Synonyms and related keywords: primary malignant tumor of bone, bone tumor, bone malignancy
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