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Amputations of the Lower Extremity eMedicine Orthopedics

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Description: Lower-extremity amputation is one of the oldest known surgically performed procedures. The original surgical principles as described by Hippocrates remain true today. Refinements of surgical technique such as hemostasis, anesthesia, and improved perioperative conditions have occurred, but only relatively small technical improvements have been made. Amputation is still often viewed as a failure of treatment. The responsibility for performing an amputation may even fall on the most junior member of the surgical team. Whatever the reason for performing an extremity amputation, it should not be viewed as a failure of treatment. Amputation can be the treatment of choice for severe trauma, vascular disease, and tumors. Patients and family members must be aware of their options and have realistic expectations of surgical outcomes in order to make informed decisions regarding amputation.
Synonyms and related keywords: hemipelvectomy, hip disarticulation, above-knee amputation, AKA, below-knee amputation, BKA, knee disarticulation, Symes amputation, hindfoot amputation, Boyd amputation, Chopart amputation, Lisfranc amputation, transmetatarsal amputation, toe disarticulation, toe amputation, peripheral vascular disease
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