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Upper Extremity Compartment Syndrome eMedicine Orthopedics

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Description: Wallace & Smith 2007
The compartments of the lower leg, foot, and the volar forearm are particularly prone to developing CS. The intrinsic muscle compartments of the hand and, less commonly, the upper arm may also be affected. The most common etiology of an upper extremity CS is a displaced supracondylar humerus fracture. The diagnosis is made based on clinical examination when the physician has a high index of suspicion; operative decompression is the definitive treatment. In the forearm, usually both volar and dorsal compartments are released.
Synonyms and related keywords: CS, acute compartment syndrome, subacute compartment syndrome, subacute CS, chronic compartment syndrome, CCS, chronic exertional compartment syndrome, exertional CS, recurrent compartment syndrome, recurrent CS, crush syndrome, crush injury syndrome, Volkmann ischemia, Volkmann contracture, VC, Volkmann ischemic contracture, ischemic contractures, fasciotomy, compartment release

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