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Myelodysplasia POSNA

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Description: Core Curriculum
1. Define myelodysplasia, and list two separate clinical presentations of myelodysplasia
2. Describe the relationship of myelomeningocele with anencephaly
3. Describe the range of clinical severity in patients with myelomeningocele
4. Discuss the relationship of orthopaedic problems accompanying myelomeningocele to neurologic level
5. Discuss the prognosis for ambulation in patients with spina bifida
6. Define a dietary supplement of proven effectiveness in reducing birth rates of myelodysplasia
7. Describe the relationship of latex allergy and myelodysplasia
8. Describe the clinical presentation of spinal dysraphism without spina bifida aperta
Discussion points
1. Is upper limb function normal in patients with myelomeningocele?
2. Why is a multispecialty clinic setting preferred for management of children with myelomengocele?

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