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Synovial Sarcoma Doctors Doctor

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Description: This is one of the sarcomas that combine histologic features of both a carcinoma and a sarcoma. It may have epithelioid cells, mimicking carcinoma, intimately admixed with spindled sarcoma cells. Because of these features, the pathologist may have to differentiate between a poorly differentiated carcinoma and this tumor. It is a critical distinction but with the advent of immunohistochemistry, a confident distinction can now be made. These tumors are have spindle cells which are positive for vimentin and epithelial components positive for cytokeratin. More recently, molecular diagnostic studies have identified a unique translocation, t(X;18), fusing the SYT/SSX genes. Rare variants may occur in non-soft tissue locations such as the larynx, heart, pericardium, pleura, lung, mediastinum, and peritoneal cavity. Recently cases have also been described in the kidney. Histologically, these tumors may mimic clear cell sarcomas or cellular mesoblastic nephromas. These tumors exhibit a characteristic translocation.

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