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Aggressive Infantile Fibromatosis

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Location: http://medind.nic.in/ibn/t06/i1/ibnt06i1p45.pdf

Description: Kumar SN, Vahesan RK, Praveena J. "Aggressive infantile fibromatosis. Indian J Radiol Imaging 2006;16:45-47
Introduction The musculoskeletal fibromatosis comprises a wide range of lesions with a common histological appearance. They can be divided into two major groups: superficial (fascial) and deep (musculo-aponeurotic). The superficial fibromatosis are typically small, slow-growing lesions and include palmar fibromatosis, plantar fibromatosis, juvenile aponeurotic fibroma and infantile digital fibroma. The deep fibromatosis are commonly large, may grow rapidly and are more aggressive. They include infantile myofibromatosis, fibromatosis colli, extra-abdominal desmoid tumor, and aggressive infantile fibromatosis.

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