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Paget Disease of Bone MedPix Topic 1288

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Description: Contributor: Sara Buckelew, medical student Paget Disease of Bone Factoid 1288 - Created: 2001-03-07 09:15:37-05 - Modified: 2001-03-14 17:01:08-05 ACR Codes: 4.84 Paget disease of bone involves localized, uncontrolled formation of highly active osteoclasts. Initial bone resorption is followed by an intense increase in osteoblastic activity. The bone that is formed is chaotic and excessive. The resulting bone has a mosaic pattern with loss of lamellar structure and therefore is weakened. The marrow is fibrotic with increased vascularity. The increase in osteolytic, osteoblastic, and vascular activity make it intensely "hot" on bone scan.

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