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Adamantinoma at Orthonet

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Location: http://www.orthonet.on.ca/adamantinoma/

Description: Adamantinoma - 1o bone tumor with predilection for tibial diaphysis presenting during early adulthood Signs & Symptoms: - painful masses with variable symptom duration ranging from few months to few years Xrays: - well-circumscribed, eccentric, lytic lesions of tibial diaphysis - may be multicystic lesion with surrounding sclerosis - expansion of bone +/- intact cortex but no periosteal reaction Histology: - wide variety of histologic appearances - basaloid pattern composed of groups of cells which peripherally have palisading epithelial cells - hypocellular, poorly organized, fibrous connective tissue between islands of epithelial cells Treatment: - wide excision (limb salvage vs amputation) - 20-25% metastasize to lungs

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