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Marfan Syndrome Diseases Database

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Description: Marfan syndrome may cause or feature Miscellaneous syndromes Hypokalaemic distal renal tubular acidosis Symptoms and Signs Arachnodactyly Enophthalmos High arched palate Lens dislocation Marfanoid habitus Micrognathia Scoliosis Tall stature Congenital conditions Retrognathia Mendelian inherited conditions Megalocornea Cardiac and vascular conditions Aneurysms Aortic valve incompetence Mitral valve incompetence Respiratory conditions Pneumothorax may be a risk factor for Congenital conditions Sinus of Valsalva aneurysm Cardiac and vascular conditions Dissecting aortic aneurysm may be associated with Autosomal dominant conditions Erdheim's cystic medial necrosis belong(s) to the category of Autosomal dominant conditions Marfan syndrome: Definition(s) via UMLS.....Code translations and terms via UMLS. Marfan syndrome: specific web sites. Diseases Database

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